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✔ Death isn't the opposite of life but the absence of life‼️ much as cold is the absence of heat [see Persian proverb] ►

Massive, reward sabre given by Napoleon I to the brave Tambour Major De Stagnac during the Egyptian Campaign, dating: circa 1800, curved, single -and false-edged blade, with mamluk hilt, iron cross-quillon with dark horn grip scales, chain; wooden scabbard with red velvet covering, iron mounts with remains of engravings and trophies.

Gold yatagan and two belts presented to Frederik V by Abu L-Hasan Ali in 1753, Danish National Museum. From "Gold and Coral: Presentation arms from Algier to Tunis", by Niels Arthur Andersen.

Ottoman pala, a short type of kilij, 19th c, slightly curved slender steel blade expanding towards the tip with ridges to the flat edge, solid gold hilt quillons and rhino horn hilt, leather covered wooden scabbard with finely engraved solid gold ensuite chape and lock, scabbard with attached cord and ivory collection label inscribed “Presentation Sword to Admiral Dundas”. Remembered as a brave and chivalrous officer he died in October 1862.

If you want to travel to Iran. please don’t go to Iran or at least watch this video before that.