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Growing Garlic/Best advice ever on garlic growing

Great information for growing your own garlic. I had no idea that most store bought garlic is sprayed by the manufacturer so that people cannot plant it and grow their own!!

Growing Your Own Garlic Is Easy! Fall is the time to plant, and no vegetable is so easy to grow and harvest.

Grow Garlic From the Grocery Store.Pick out the biggest cloves for planting. The end with the flat part is the root of the garlic. Plant the cloves so they’re around 4 inches apart and their tips are covered by an inch or two of dirt.Cover them up and wait. Through the fall the clove will start to develop roots and maybe even a shoot depending on how warm your weather is.

Indoor garlic greens in a can, flower pot or other container: Split a head of garlic into cloves (leaving as much of the papery skin on as possible), then plant each clove in soil. After a few weeks, green shoots will begin to appear and you can snip these as they grow to season salads, soups baked potatoes, etc. Or, you can just plant little cloves that have started to sprout outside in fall and let them form bulbs.

If you’re an urban gardener with a need for live green things, growing garlic indoors is perfect. It’s also a great project to do with kids. It just takes awhile, so patience is necessary.

Well-I've already started green onions and celery thanks to Pinterest - I'll try some garlic too!