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    Marcus Luttrell - American Patriot, former Petty Officer First Class and United States Navy SEAL, author of Lone Survivor and founder and chairman of the Lone Survivor Foundation

    Marcus Luttrell Navy Seal and author of "Lone Survivor"

    Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle: Americans.

    A few lines from one of many of my favorite scenes from the film, Lone Survivor

    Honoring Navy SEAL Nate Hardy who selflessly sacrificed his life for our great Country 6 years ago. Please help me honor him so that he is not forgotten.

    Lone Survivor amazing, fearless!! They never gave up! Thank The Lord for these solders and what they sacrificed to protect our country. I am humbled.

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    Mohammad Gulab ~ just call him Hero. When Operation Redwing went bad in Afghanistan three Seals lost their lives. But one, Marcus Luttrell, survived. Blown off a ridge, alone, injured,and thought to be dead Luttrell was taken in by Gulab and protected. He defiantly refused to hand over Luttrell to the Taliban even as they burned down his home and threatened the lives of his family and village members. Gulab trekked to an American military post and brought help for Luttrell, saving his life. HERO

    Special Forces guys are not superhuman. They bleed, they get tired, the feel fear. But they are willing to do what the rest of us aren't. (Lone Survivor)

    Lone survivor

    Marcus Luttrell, hero. "Lone Survivor" (Our true heroes. It was a devastating mission, but they killed a100 Taliban (just the 4 of them) and 100-200 from the airstrike. Getting that many vile humans off the face of the Earth....a success from that perspective.Thank you for your extreme sacrifice for our country.

    Seal Of Honor said..... "Happy Angel Birthday to Navy SEAL Danny Dietz who selflessly sacrificed his life during Operation Red Wings. Please help me honor him so that he is not forgotten."

    Lone Survivor

    R.I.P. Lt. Michael Murphy, Navy Seal #MurphTheProtector

    Navy SEALS

    Gary Sinise: A TRUE PATRIOT

    Navy Seals. #LoneSurvivor #MarkWahlberg

    What a beautiful soldier! BUT if you listen to the American pigs who think women are "too weak" or "too stupid" to be equal to their male counterparts, you might not even know we live in a "civilized" country.

    Modern Woman : United States Air Force.