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Marcus Luttrell - American Patriot, former Petty Officer First Class and United States Navy SEAL, author of Lone Survivor and founder and chairman of the Lone Survivor Foundation

This is a bullet with a drip of water with the American flag in it. Sometimes, Americans feel in order to establish justice, they need to use guns..

Today is a day that we will never forget. 8 years ago today Heaven opened it's gates to welcome in 19 heroes. 19 men that would forever change our lives with the incredible story of 1 survivor. In today's world the word "hero" is used far too loosely but we know who the true #HEROES of our nation are. 2day we wear our #BOOTS for our friend, the Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell and the 11 Navy SEALS and 8 Army Night Stalkers that sacrificed their lives for us that day. Never Quit. Never…

Maria Konovalenkofrom Maria Konovalenko

SENS5 Conference on Aging and Regenerative Therapies was Fantastic

Every team needs leaders like this!

An American Hero, who by the looks of his shirt, has a great sense of humor too. Marine Cpl. Todd Nicely, quadruple amputee. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

"PRIVATE Michelle Norris became the first female soldier to receive the Military Cross in March 2007. A medical orderly in Iraq she saved the life of her wounded commander while under enemy fire...The teenager, who had dreamed of joining the Army after watching old war movies with her father as a child, spoke of her pride at receiving the coveted medal, and said she hoped the award would help convince doubters that women can cope well with the dangers of frontline combat."

Chris Kyle ~ 10 year SEAL, deadliest sniper in American history, 5 bronze stars, 2 silver stars, author of 2 books, & dedicated to Vets with PTSD. ~ Chris, I cannot thank you enough for your service. Thinking of your dear wife, Taya. Wishing Ventura will do the right thing, dismiss his lawsuit against her in your untimely absence. Praying you will rest in peace. Godspeed, Chief.

Chris Kyle - (1974 - February 2, 2013) was a United States Navy SEAL. He was the most lethal sniper in United States military history, with 160 confirmed kills. Assigned to SEAL Team 3, Sniper Element Charlie platoon within the Naval Special Warfare Command, and with over four tours of duty, Kyle served in every major battle of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was given 2 Silver Stars, 5 Bronze Stars with Valor, 2 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and1Navy and Marine Corps Commendation.

Lt. Michael P. Murphy...........Patriot / Hero / Warrior........Medal of Honor Winner...........Gave his life for his fellow servicemen and his Country in Combat - Afghanistan

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Official, Semi-automatic handgun used to kill ex-Navy SEAL

Chris Kyle (1974 – 2013). SEAL Team 3. Considered the most lethal sniper in American military history with 160 confirmed kills (255 claimed kills).

Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle is a former United States Navy SEAL, who with 255 kills, 160 of them officially confirmed by the Pentagon, is the deadliest marksman in United States military history. This is Chris on one of his four tours of Iraq.