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The White Tree of Gondor - iPhone 5 Wallpaper by ~EchoLeader on deviantART

I was on Pinterest looking at lotr pins and there was this pin and mom said "how about painting that in your bedroom?" And i was like "YESSS PLEASE!!!" And i started fangirling so much. Im having the tree of Gondor painted in the wall beside my bed!!!

LEGO: White Tree of Gondor, Horse of Rohan, White Hand of Saruman

DIY, Bedhead with white Tree of Gondor design

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White Tree of Gondor. A symbolism of Telperion of Valinor.

Beautiful “White Tree of Gondor” tattoo by swiftandspotlitstrangers.

Tree of Gondor! This is even the color of my laundry room. It means my idea of painting this on the door was destiny.

Whte Tree Of Gondor by ~Barnowler on deviantART