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I completely disagree. Long hugs make me uncomfortable. I distrust people who do this intentionally. They make me feel like there is a power struggle.

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The heart is a tangled web of lies & confusion & doubt mixed with butterflies & lust & love, stirred with feelings & happiness & illusions. A lethal combination that when broken can nearly indeed spill blood. Your heart is not to be trusted - for we were given a brain to make decisions. That is not the function of the heart.

Fuck what anyone else thinks, live your life for you. Stop worrying about pleasing everyone else, focus on your own happiness and what warms your heart. After all it's you that has to live your life - not them. Life is too short: live, laugh, love with everything you've got! ♥

"In this world, there is so much of what looks like love, and sounds like love, and calls itself love, but it isn't. It's just people saying and doing what they think they ought to say and do."