I need to remember this.

If you hear something bad about me, specifically from my sister in law remember this ;)

Words to live by.

I learned the hard way that I cannot always count on others to respect my feelings, even if I respect theirs. Being a good person doesn't garantee that others will be good people, too. You only have control over yourself and how you choose to be as a person. As for others, you can only choose to accept them or walk away.

So Very True!

this is so true...it becomes mentally draining sometimes trying to enlighten people...daddy used to say all the time...."An OLD fool was once a YOUNG fool who refused to listen....some will live and die and will have been a fool all their lives....and never get all GOD has to give...because of their mindset....which is really sad... https://www.facebook.com/TonyGaskins/photos/a.658644980814388.1073741826.156879910990900/770976099581275/?type=1

One of the most important things I have learned this past year! J

I must remember this with everything going on

their opinion of the world is also a confession of character

#quotes my hope one day


if that doesn't put a different spin on things

"People will notice the change in your attitude towards them, but won't notice their behavior that made you change."


So true

amen. amen. amen. very true words to remember.

I LOVE this quote!

Best advice EVER.