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Photography Tips: How to Nail the Perfect Portrait

Indoors or out, if the available light is not cutting it you may need to add some of your own. You can do this by using flash photography or reflecting the available light onto your subject. When photographing the soft contours of the human face, you’ll usually want to opt for a nice, soft light source. And when adding your own light source, you want to try to move that light off-axis with your camera. Diffused light is soft light, and there are tools photographers can use to diffuse

F stop. manual settings no meter. Huh I will see about this. I'm a believer in histograms

You will want to take your photo at night and turn all of the lights in the house off so only the tree is glowing.

9 Weird Photography Tricks That Actually Work - ex tomget $5 filter board from hardware store instead of $70 reflector- silver on one side, white on other to reflect light

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Exposure Tutorial Part Three: What is ISO?

Exposure tutorials

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How To Shoot Dreamy Backlit Portraits With Natural Light

How To Shoot Dreamy Backlit Portraits With Natural Light Avoid open sky behind your subject. Open sky is great behind YOU, but not so great behind your subject. If you are properly exposing for your subject’s skin tones, that sky will blow out and be nothing but one big, ugly, distracting white blob in your photo that will steal attention from your subject.

"I always direct anyone asking me about my camera (and how to use it) to this site. Its all explained so simply, and taught me how to start using my DSLR. My sister printed it out and keeps it as a reference in her camera bag. Great idea!"

Great lighting

Great lighting

Great lighting

How do you get someone to smile for a photo without saying cheese? Get 51 tricks to bring out real, genuine smiles in your subjects and create great images!

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Free family portrait photography cheat sheet

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