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Twin brothers as little buccaneers

Walk the plank and pirate ship inflatable

Pirate cake and cupcakes

Entrance to the party

Pirate table food - pirate party

Pirate beads for decoration

Pirate telescopes for the kiddos

Pirate patches for the kiddos (silicone patches better than plastic ones for the children)

Pirate necklaces for the kiddos

Pirate flags for decoration

Pirate loot bags for the pinata stuff

Pirate rings for the kiddos

Pirate bracelets for the kiddos

Pirate bandanas for the kiddos

Treasure chest pinata!

Pirate hats for the kiddos

Kids loved the cupcakes! - pirates party - pirates food. Jake and Peter Pan

Enjoying their pirate costumes - pirate party

Walk the plank! Pirate party

Kiddos table - pirate party

Peter Pan cake - pirate food

Peter pan costume and shadow (hubby made the shadow out of a trashbag and my son loved it!)

Piniata time! Treasure chest piniata, pirate party

Pirate party: Walk the plank!

Treasure chest piniata filling