<3 this! http://tinyurl.com/d5tq6bx

O.o http://tinyurl.com/bragngj

Cheezburger denizens were squeeing about this squirrel's heart-shaped paws. I think they're adorable, but so is the rest of this round squirrelkins!


Just another vicious Pitbull. Wake up people! Pets are like children, raise them right and with love and boundaries and they will love and respect rather than hate & destroy! <3

Happy ♥ #cat

Snow Cat

Makes me want to adopt a dog!!!



Man I feel So Good...What was in those Little Friskies?

Makes me smile


Bliss by Anu #French_Bulldog #Anu

Shironeko, All Dressed Up For Summer

mr smiley

'Treasure Smile', a filly belonging to Iwate Horse Racing in Japan, has a distinctive heart shaped mark on her forehead.

They are great smilers!

So cute!

Maru i love you so much