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5SOS in a nutshell

Why I love 5SOS

Ash ♥ perfect. 5SOS Look at his face and he looks like such a badass then you see his shirt and you're just like wtf


Guess who just made a 5sos board? Me!!! yay. Please go check it out. Thanks. x

5SOS on Michael

Yes, Ashton. You are a very special little boy.




Luke Hemmings 5SOS 5 Seconds of Summer 1 day late birthday spam

5SOS On Luke

#5SOS why is this so cute? haha

Love it lol also love 5sos!!!!!!!

Beside You-5SOS

Any 5sos fans out there?

This just made my day!! XD I haven't known much about 5sos... Might have to. God damnit another band