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I love how Calum can't see cause of the sun☀️☀️ 'the sun will rise the moon will fall' hahaha (like if you get it)

5sos + glasses = fangirl downnnnFirst of all this is not okay. Second if omg please help fan girl downnnnnnnnnnnnn

goal is for luke to one day love me as much as he loves cereal get more only on freefacebookcover...

They're such dorks but I love them SO much like I feel like they're just angels sent from heaven and they make me so happy they're just ughh. Does anybody else feel like this?

Tomorrow I'm getting 6 teeth pulled ;( I'm kinda freaking out. Pray for me haha xD love you guys!! Goodnight ♥ ~ Ally ^~^

hey guys :) i have another 5sos group board, and i really need more people!! please comment and follow me to be added.

I LOVE THIS MORE THAN THE AIR I BREATHE TO LIVE<<< an get this they won't ever grow up mentally-YAYYY IMMATURITY!!!!!!!

5sos. ....I've been thereeeeee! That's in London right? It looks reaalllly familiar so I might've been there

Luke Hemmings Michael Clifford Calum Hood 5 Seconds of Summer 5sos

5sos ❤️ I was about to type something about Luke's face, but then notice each of the other guys faces and couldn't leave one out... #cantdecideafavorite

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Michael's hair is like Vexy's. Didn't he dye is hair blue once so he could be a punk smurf?