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anime wolf...:-) a little fanciful, but who am I kidding? What is anime if not fanciful? I would love to see a mature vereion of this wolf..

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Quote: One Of The Hardest Lessons In Life Is Letting Go…

Male and Female Lion


7 Empowering Quotes About Being Single

Wait for the person who will do anything to be your everything. #single #quotes

There are two wolves inside of you....which one will you feed? Love the concept.. I've always fed the evil wolf . It's taken me a long time to find god and finally feed the good wolf . He was starving !


Alpha-Female Fashiontography : The Warrior Way

Daria Werbowy Takes on Nature in 'The Warrior Way' #tattoos

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20 Differences Between Men And Women

# Differences Between Men And Women 22 -

Are you an Alpha Female? A dominant or assertive woman, a woman boss, a leader via @@AzariaLaMode

Becca Aurora My tatto explains how I am independent and I don’t need anyone but myself.

Alpha male is a male, who has an exclusive access to a female to combine & extend their family/genetic lines. Human alpha male is NOT a male with superior body strength or abundant facial hair. Human alpha male is a married men with kids. Male followers of ChildFree, Herbivore-Man, and MGTOW ideologies are beta-males because their family/genetic lines do not get extended.

I love heavily tattooed women. I imagine their lives are filled with sensuality and excess, madness and generosity, impulsive natures and fights. They look like they have endured much pain and sadness, yet have the ability to transcend all of it by documenting it on the body Margaret Cho