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Moments from Thailand

michaelfaudet: Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet is available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo and The Book Depository for free delivery to Asia.

Young Lives project studies causes and effects of childhood poverty

Helping your kids understand the importance of extending your family line will help the world to get rid of the ChildFree ideology that robs the Humanity from its future (i.e. human babies)

Colugos are arboreal gliding mammals found in South-east Asia. There are just two extant species, which make up the entire family Cynocephalidae and order Dermoptera. They are the most capable of all gliding mammals, using flaps of extra skin between their legs to glide from higher to lower locations. They are also known as cobegos or flying lemurs, though they are not true lemurs.

Actress Kim Go Eun and actor Gong Yoo from Kdrama Goblin: The Lonely and Great God