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vinger splints - Google zoeken

vinger splints - Google zoeken

Rheumatoid arthritis awareness!!!!!! -Rheumatoid arthritis Is NOT JUST REGULAR Arthritis. IT affects the entire body including brain and eyes. -There are multiple types of arthritis. So classifying them as the same is not correct.      -Each type effects certain parts of the body differently. -Kids can also get rheumatoid arthritis. It's called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. There are different types of this as well.  -It also is an autoimmune disease and that means that it runs in the…

rheumatoid arthritis quotes awareness please. Literally destroying me and my body :( I feel for all out there that are feeling the way I am right now. Yes I am strong but am able to feel weak at times. This pain is unbearable right now.

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