YUCK..Louis Coulon with his 11 foot beard (plus cat) ca. 1900's WHAT ELSE LIVES IN THAT BEARD?

Ravens and Beards

Victorian child with cat

Perce Blackboro (age 18) with Mrs. Chippy, ship’s cat, on board the Endurance, Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica; photo by Frank Hurley, 1914 don't expect a happy ending

Beware the piano-eating kittens. Or maybe he has no paws to play. You decide.

France. 1960

Tattooed lady with zebra

Vintage cat! And he know how to dress in fashion :)

11.11 am Friday 13th, 1892: fortunately, Cecil and Edwin did not suffer from sibling rivalry, otherwise Cecil's lovely beard would not have been in safe hands.

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kilele: A stylish young Kenyan woman holding her pet deer in Mombasa, Kenya (1909)

We love cats.


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Cat Halo

Ai Needs to be a Kitten Again, Just for a While

It's a kitten. With a mustache. Guys, I don't even LIKE cats, and I want this one. :D

Man and cat.

Two women dressed as mushrooms and a man dressed as a gnome, German photo, 1920