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The End - My Chemical Romance. These lyrics bring tears to my eyes every time.

So gather 'round piggies and kiss this goodbye. I'd encourage your smile, I'll expect you won't cry-The End by My Chemical Romance

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My dad literally looked at me once and was like "You're not a boy" and I was like "Ya know, I honestly don't care" <-- hahahahaha

I thought of my chemical romance when I saw this help me

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE/// actually My Chemical Romance refers to the addiction of a drug. The drug is a chemical. When you are addicted it's like you have a chemical romance with that drug.

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Tumblr Schmumblr Part 23

This person is obviously fed up with all the emo groups called My Chemical Romance.

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They say those teenagers scare the living shit out of me they could care less as long as I want to bleed so darken your clothes I'll strike a violent pose maybe they'll leave you alone but not me

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I really wanted to see MCR live aswell but when I found out they broke up I actually cried ; it broke me and I still cry about it

"For the idea My Chemical Romance"

"For the idea My Chemical Romance"

Oh my gods I laughed so hard i couldn't breath, meanwhile my mom walked by the door and slowly backed away.

luckiest person ever. they got to not just meet mcr, but throw up on gee's shoes, and get a sprite from mikey, and get patted on the head by ray!

Green Day and My Chemical Romance

Omfg Imagine the litttle kids like “mummy who are those kin haired boys with makeup on?” And the mums like “OMG GERARD F**K ME!