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I'm going to make a metal sculpture like this with all my favorite places on it. bippity boppity boo

My favorite body surfing spot on Oahu

They should've had this sign up at our last vacation stop. A huge coconut fell in front of our could've knocked someone out. I snagged it, we got someone to machete it open for us, and we ate it - yum!

I'd wear my @bytiffanychou swimmy & accessories to Hawaii! I've never been and I've been dying to go! Plus it's where @bytiffanychou is based out of. It's a win, win! #TCSWIMGIVEAWAY

Hawaii+1938. Don't know if this is the king of surfing possible obviously a model up front cause the hair is still dry.

Kauai Sunset. Don't miss it on your boomer adventure in Hawaii!