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Floor cleaner

Ultimate All-Purpose Cleaner

For you, Mom! ---- wood floor & stainless steel appliances cleaner - 1 c water, 1 c vinegar, alcohol, drops dishwashing soap.for shiny wood floors PLUS stainless steel appliances! I need to try this.

Homemade floor cleaner

ONLY use this and it leaves floor spotless - Heavy duty floor cleaner recipe: ¼ cup white vinegar 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap ¼ cup baking soda 2 gallons tap water, very warm. (Pinner said: It leaves everything smelling amazing!

Remove wine stains with wine! | 13 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know | http://www.hercampus.com/life/13-life-hacks-every-girl-should-know

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13 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know- It's like becoming a professional stylist overnight.

All-In-One Magic Bathroom Cleaner   -1 Professional Spray Bottle   -8 oz. Distilled White Vinegar  -4 oz. Lemon Juice  -2 oz. Liquid Soap   -2 tsp. Baking Soda  -10 oz water   To Mix:  Funnel in all the ingredients, squeeze out the suds, screw on your cap and go make your bathroom sparkle!

All-In-One Magic Bathroom Cleaner 1 Professional Spray Bottle 8 oz Distilled White Vinegar 4 oz Lemon Juice 2 oz Liquid Dawn 10 oz Water 2 tsp Baking Soda Mix ingredients in a bowl before putting into spray bottle.

Ill do this in my laundry room!

Basement bathroom door for cleaning supplies. Kitchen to basement door for pantry items. Back of girls' door for barbies. Inside girls' closet for shoes. Inside my closet door for belts and scarves. Entry door for shoes, mittens, etc.

This actually works to get stains out...even old stains.. 1 part Dawn Dishwashing liquid  2 parts hydrogen peroxide  ½ part baking soda

THE best arm pit stain remover ever. Even for old stains. Every mom needs this recipe - 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, part baking soda and 1 part dish detergent- this really works!

How to Clean in Between the Glass on Your Stove Doors! Genius!!

How To Clean In Between The Glass On Your Stove Doors

How To Clean An Oven Door In Between The Glass. Please read the comments at the end of this post. Not all doors are the same and there are cases where the glass broke. Also you can remove the oven door and this helps with cleaning the oven.

Homemade hardwood floor cleaner - myCleaningSolutions.com

Homemade hardwood floor cleaner - myCleaningSolutions.com

You will never clean your house the same after seeing these amazing house cleaning tips and tricks from the some of the world's greatest house cleaning pros

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15 Wood Floor Hacks Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Homemade Cleaner for Hardwood Floors

DIY Floor Cleaner ~ 1 Pinner said: "my floors are soooo clean and the house smells great!" {enjoy the view}: Pin Busters! D-I-Y Floor Cleaner