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Cherries - A Vietnam War Novelfrom Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel

29 Sad, lonely & Tough Images from the Vietnam War

Khe Sanh, South Vietnam, April 12, 1971 - An American soldier, lighting a cigarette in front of his machine gun atop a vehicle, stands above a sign serving as testament to his battlefield beliefs.

Magic 95.9from Magic 95.9

Prince George’s County Trying New Tool To Help Fight Crime

This is true.......look it up. gun "control" only means the criminals are going to be the ONLY ones with guns.

Southern saying!! All I can say is I believe in God, and I believe in the right to protect and defend your family and possessions.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...from Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Facebook Wednesday….

We didn't change the First Amendment just because we don't write with quills any longer...

Foursquarefrom Foursquare

Sarasota, FL

Stop by, visit, check out the range and even purchase a new weapon.

Funny how this isn't the front page of every news source today--- a man defends a whole slumber party of children against home invaders firing guns! Thank goodness he was able to protect everyone, God Bless our 2nd Amendment! We need to "SHARE" stories like this as far and as wide as we can, as this administration does everything they can to hide these stories!

Gun Digestfrom Gun Digest

Concealed Carry Basics You Can Bank On

guns survival


Feds Step In After 45 People Shot in Chicago Over Easter Weekend

Chicago: So how's that gun_control working for you?

Milwaukee County Sheriff, Clarke blasted gun-control proposals triggered by presidential executive orders and said he would not enforce unconstitutional laws.“The reason is I don’t want to get shot, because I believe that if somebody tried to enforce something of that magnitude, you would see the second coming of an American Revolution, the likes of which would make the first revolution pale by comparison.”

I guess it's something we all know, but I know that I never really considered how true this is. And how such a thought makes me hopeful.

Perfect Weddingfrom Perfect Wedding

A relaxed barn wedding

I love this dance floor sign! --- yes to the ties around the head! all weddings should end that way!