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    words to live by...

    • Dina Asker

      "Never give up." See more at for more life quotes and sayings + lifestyle guide and more #life #quotes

    • Leslie Gant

      words to live by... #nevergiveup #motivation #sayings #quotes. WELL SAID! Whether you have migraines or not ... you can still focus and move forward. Maybe just smaller steps that take a little longer than everybody else.

    • Kiana Hanna

      I think about working out every day. When I go to bed I think about what workout I GET to do. If you can't go a day without then, then why are you trying to anyhow? Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about...and that can go for a lot of things in life.¬if_t=group_activity#!/pages/Kiana-Hanna-Fitness-Living-the-Life-of-Insanity/265966823444890

    • Amy

      P. I thought about this a lot before I started typing, all day in fact. The fact is I'm so in love with you, I just can't give up. I know how you feel and I know those feelings are decades strong but I just know that for me it is you and only you. I've decided that I won't give up. I'm still here and I'll be here when you are ready. I want to be with you forever and I want to be the mother to our children. Some things in life are worth the sacrifice and I believe that's us. I love you so much ❤

    • LStook

      *HOMESCHOOL for me! Best life Quotes to live by . Top 20 Quotes | Quotes Words Sayings

    • L Portugal

      Best life Quotes to live by . Top 20 Quotes | Quotes Words Sayings

    • Quotezine

      Never give up on your dreams // words to live by // life quotes

    • Marcia Peterson

      words to live by... #nevergiveup #motivation #sayings #quotes

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    Good words to live by.

    My Husband is the greatest gifts that I open everyday... Yes He Is!!!

    words to live by

    live it

    words to live by

    #Fuelisms : You can’t just give up.

    Creativity lives on

    #Fuelisms : Never stop learning.

    #Fuelisms : There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

    so true so true

    learn, live by.