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Shoes (child's mules, and female adult heeled shoes), 1760, Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nürnberg | Objektkatalog

Shoes (child's mules, and female adult heeled shoes), Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nürnberg

Woman's Shoes, c. 1770. In the eighteenth century shoes were usually symmetrical, and often made of beautiful but fragile silks, such as this floral brocade. This pair shows features fashionable in the mid-eighteenth century, including high, thick heels and front lappets, which were usually fastened with a buckle.

Medium: Ribbed silk brocade, silk ribbon, linen plain weave, leather - Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Marie Antoinette. okay movie. fantastic costumes.

Marie Antoinette movie still with Kirsten Dunst. Sofia Coppola France, French, Versailles, Let them eat Cake, Paris.

Madame Tussaud molding a death mask of Queen Marie Antoinette after her execution in 1793.  Madame Tussaud "had the gruesome responsibility of making death masks from heads—frequently those of her friends—freshly severed by the guillotine."

Marie Tussaud was arrested and taken to the Bastille for being a royalist supporter. Her head was shaven, before being taken to the guillotine, but was pardoned. She was forced to make death masks - Including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

circa 1600, Italian  File:Styltskor - Skoklosters slott - 32913.tif

A chopine is a type of womens platform shoe that was popular in the and centuries. Chopines were originally used as a patten, clog, or overshoe to protect the shoes and dress from mud and street soil. Compare to some shoe designs of

Shoes worn by Queen Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth I's mother

These were orignally credited as "shoes worn by Queen Anne Boleyn." They actually belong to the Northampton Museums & Art Gallery and do not have date or provenance.

Diamond Diadem of Marie Antoinette

Alt view Diamond Diadem of Marie Antoinette. Composed of 9 graduated floral sprays of rose-cut diamonds. (Christie's DeBeers "Ageless Diamond" exhibit in

These fabulous diamond drop earings (14.25 & 20.34 carats) belonged to Marie~ Antoinette and are said to have been her favorites, are now housed in the Smithsonian, again due to the wonderful Miss Marjorie Merriweather Post who acquired the earrings from Pierre Cartier and donated them to the museum. (picture via the Smithsonian website). These diamond earrings were given to Marie Antoinette by Louis XVI

Marie-Antoinette's ear-drops, Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. These diamond earrings were given to Marie Antoinette by Louis XVI and are said to have been taken from her when she was arrested fleeing the French Revolution.