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Antique Scrub Board

Mini scrub board

Scrub board

vintage scrub boards, great display

scrub board

mini scrub boards

hand painted antique Chinese scrub boards

I want a glass scrub board

Scrub board

scrub board is up and ready to go! ****

Old Scrub Board. I Love Hannah's House!

Wash tub, scrub board

Primitive wooden scrub board, 19th c.

scrub boards and old wire soap dish

Wooden Scrub Board

Hubbard Roller Washboard scrub board

One-of-a-kind, hand painted scrub board, conversation piece from 1800's Denmark

Carved wooden washing board.

Make do soap holder and scrub board at ☆The Farm☆ 414 Hillview Rd Winchester IL.

FS849 Early Scrub Board

Early Old Primitive Antique Hand Carved Wooden Scrub Board