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rip :( Her ghost should haunt him and make him do better things>>>nah lets not torture her

Even if we say goodbye and our paths never cross again, I hope you carry a piece of me within you... I hope you remember our wordless conversations, all my quiet smiles and blushed glances. I hope you never forget to believe in yourself, I hope you never lay alone at night doubting your own worth, I hope you always know that you're loved, beyond measure. No matter what you do and where life takes you, I hope you carry a piece of me within you.

Truth. Hardest thing Ive ever done, because I couldn't make him see the impact of his ways he needs to figure it out for himself. As the saying goes.... "If you love some thing set it free. If it comes back it was yours, if it doesn't it never was." Time will tell. Lets hope it's not going to be too late! But I need to move on with my life in the meantime.