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Makeup for a girly day!! Subtle yet stands out!!

How to make a easy thank you card video tutorial with Stampin' Up! Avant Garden 143272 FREE Sale-a-bration stamp set

Wickedly Wonderful Creations: Monday Montage #85 - SU - Valentine - Sealed with Love

18 Best The Big Bang Theory Quotes from 'The Conjugal Conjecture' (10x01

Penny Hofstadter: Leonard, standing here with you in front of our family and friends is bringing up a lot of feelings. Like what a good idea it was to elope the first time. But also how incredibly happy you make me. Thank you for marrying me. Hopefully for the last time. Leonard Hofstadter: Penny… as a scientist, my job is to figure out why things happen. But I don’t think I’ll ever understand how someone like me could get to be with someone like you. You know… maybe… I don’t need to…

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas! Don't forget that Christ is the very reason for all the excitement and celebration this season. (I wish you could see Bradley standing behind Zach making silly faces trying to get Kaci Lynn to smile)

Yes, this liberal is that stupid

This is sooo cool!!! Will is the bug and he can go UPSIDE DOWN! 011 is sitting half on the rope and half off the rope because she can access the upside down! The other three can't access it so that's why there standing up!!! Sorry if that didn't make sense! Just watch stranger things and you'll understand


How long has she been waiting here? 10 minutes? 30? God, with the amount of time she has been standing around she probably wouldn't even /need/ to be meeting up with- Thalia froze. Someone was here and she knew it.- Arched brows furrowed ever so slightly as amber eyes scanned the perimeter. "Try anything and I'll make sure my face is the last thing you see." Her words came out sharp and raw. The factual truth making it all the worst. "Whoa. Let's not get hasty, alright?" Thalia clenched…

I kinda get the impression the Ewan McGregor intends to drop enough rumors of an Obi-Wan movie that eventually the studio will have no choice but to make one. Like, he basically is going to show up at the studio one day in full costume with a handful of friends, possibly even a script in his hands, and just say 'hey, we're ready to film, let's get to work!' while a studio exec just stands there with a very confused look on their face.