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Sometimes Less is Less Many car owners have been attracted to purchasing minimum coverage. On a positive note, offering minimum coverage is a far better alternative to operating a car without insurance and many problems are caused by the accidents caused by uninsured drivers. On the negative side, coverage that meets state law minimums may be inadequate for the needs of many drivers.

Do I Need Loan/Lease Gap Coverage For My Car? What is Gap Coverage? Check out our published blog!

Car Pooling – Part 2 You have already learned that many drivers use different ride-sharing arrangements. The typical automobile insurance policy covers these arrangements because the driving exposure is essentially the same. The common policy exclusion that refers to "public or livery conveyances" is to prevent coverage for business situations. For more information on exclusions and exceptions click here.

This article is for parents with new or soon-to-be new teen drivers. Many parents believe that adding their teen driver is going to raise their auto insurance premium. While this may be true, there are many ways to save your money. Click here for our advice on maintaining cheap car insurance with teen drivers!

Rental reimbursement provides financial protection for you if you need a vehicle when your car is damaged in an accident covered by your Comprehensive or Collision coverage. Some policies cover car rentals when your vehicle undergoes mechanical repairs. Rental reimbursement is generally available only with policies that include collision and comprehensive coverage.

When serious storms or hurricanes result in local or regional flooding, the impact on the car market may be felt nationally. Cars that may have been totaled because of serious water damage in one state may end up on the seller’s block in another state. However, there may be no mention that the vehicle was once waterlogged. A person looking at any used car must take steps to avoid buying a car that is nearly guaranteed to need serious repairs.

A Commercial Umbrella Liability policy is a coverage option that should be seriously considered by businesses of all sizes because it can save your business from paying out of pocket in the unfortunate case of an expensive law suit. Click here for more information on the different types of Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policies in South Carolina.

Car Pooling – Part One Many people partake in driver groups or car pools for various reasons. Drivers involved in car pools and other group arrangements may wonder if the situation is covered under their auto policy. This concern is valid as many auto policies have restrictions. Part One addresses these questions, click here for more information.

Customers are often frustrated with their car insurance premiums tendency to increase, but there are ways to control these spikes in car insurance costs. Click here to read a list of 13 questions you can ask your insurance agent to save you money on your car insurance.

People with high-stress jobs usually pay more for car insurance than those with low-stress jobs. Read more to determine if your professions warrants high or low auto insurance rates.