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World of Bulldog what are you doing out there..

Why the serious face, wrinkly darling?

aww such a sad looking face but trust me this dog is in heaven just being on the couch hanging out I had two females are kinda lazy lol but big cuddle monsters

English Bulldog puppy naptime

Lindsay Hahn Ashley ah!!! This is a little different than the action shot one where he's swinging

someone please just shoot me now, because I dunno how much longer I can handle the amount of adowables in this pictures.

In olden days I was a babysitter a companion and protector of my family. I never wanted to fight but greed overcame man and they made me into the dog that everyone runs from today. That's not who I am. If you raise me with love I will love you back and never leave your side.

must love dogs (KO) I long to have a dog! Grew up with dogs. But I have cats who would flip me off and leave forever if brought a dog home. Love my kitties so much! Can't hurt their feelings or risk them running away from home. So I remain puppyless. I worship dogs from afar. Sigh.....