drawn with highlighter pens!

by Steve Smith. "violet." acrylic on canvas.


"Process Grouping 1.1" by Russ Noto

drawn with one continuous line!


Pen studies

Priscilla Ainhoa Griscti; Pen and Ink, 2011, Drawing "Morte"

Love this

Pen & Ink drawing

mixed media grid drawing (use at least 4 different media: colored pencil, graphite, ink & oil pastels) or this could be a color theory challenge

Cardboard, acrylic and pen.

Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Pen and Ink, 2013, Drawing "butterflying"


20 creative sketchbook examples to inspire high school Painting / Fine Art students

The pieces you see here is the work of Madrid-based artist Gabriel Moreno, who created them using an arresting combination of pen, ink and watercolor.

This is an AWESOME website that had worksheets, videos, and everything to do with shading techniques using pen and ink. CurkovicArtUnits / "Make You Mark" - Line Drawings

Absolutely amazing!