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old gas stations 212 - Gas stations that don't have electric pumps. I remember when hurricane Hugo hit Charlotte, NC, a play cousin and I figured it out, to go to the gas station down around the corner while everyone else lined up at the bigger places. So, if there's still one around, keep that in mine when a storm hits.

These old gas pumps look like ones that were in the Peugh Ford garage in Mississippi. First Ford dealdership in Mississippi probably back in 1930's in Aberdeen.

We are also working on blueprints in 1:25 scale and tutorials for this great old Texaco Gas Station scale model. Description from I searched for this on

"Sir, fill'er up with regular or ethyl? Can I check your oil after I wash your windshield? Blue chip stamps or S & H Green Stamps?" - We had a Richfield SERVICE station/garage on the corner of Yosemite Dr. and Townsend Ave. in Eagle Rock, CA

Yes, I remember these gas stations! The "Attendants" would rush out to your car and while they were filling your tank, they would check your oil and wash your windows, ALL of them! Part of what put the "good" in "The Good Old Days".


Three Old Gas Pumps

Three Old Gas Pumps Photographic Print

"Hazel Grace, I'm at the gas station. Something's wrong. you gotta help me." (18.242) Late into the night, Augustus contacted Hazel telling her that something was wrong with his G-tube and that he needed help. She rushed to his aid to find him in a terrible state and ended up calling 911.

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Old Gas Station Pumps No computer operated machines here, and check out the prices. Only an olde farte remembers these