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Racing San

Ckc Racing

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Fritz Callier

Famous Racing Cars


Match Race

San Antonio

Fritz Callier vs. Frog Herring

Chevrolet Nova Fastback

Fastback Nova

427 Chevy

Chevy Iis

Cars Chevy

Fiberglass Fastback

Ii Fiberglass

Nova Nova

Nova 1St

Fritz Callier's 427 Chevy II Fastback

Ckc Nova

Fritz Callier

Nova Fastback


Fx Sort

The Old

The O'Jays

Famous Racing

Dan S Goin

CKC Nova Fastback. We used to watch this car run at the old San Antonio Dragstrip on Rittiman Road. It was "unbeatable" Fritz Callier, Driver

Fink Rods

Fink Big

Fink Крыса

Rat Fink Art

Art Rat

Fink Cartoons

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Brocklyncheese'S Photos

Daddy Roth

Ed Roth Art ~ Rat Fink

Flathead Engine

Flathead Ford

Racing Museum

Awesome Engines

Motorheads Performance

Engines Bikes

Engines Motors

Drag Racing

Engine Ering

Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing

427 Falcon

Ford Falcon

Dragway Texas

Falls Dragway

Vintage Drag Racing

Vintage Cars

Wichita Falls

A Fx Fords

White Lightning

Johnnie Eggleton's "White Lightning Jr." 427 Falcon A/FX driven by W.L. "Frog" Herring. Frog's axle broke on this pass and the car did a nice quick rollover. He wasn't hurt but the car was bent pretty bad. This was at Wichita Falls Dragway, Texas in 1967.

Hemi Dragster

Dragster Icons

Don Prudhomme

Snake Prudhomme

Meat Bear

Siy'S Pins

Fed Dragsters

Top Racers

Nitro Hemi

don prudhomme and roland leong's "Hawaiian"

Plymouth 1966

Plymouth Muscle

Plymouth Vintage

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1966 Plymouth Satellite Richard Petty Race Car

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Daddy Garlits

Garlits Rear

Don Garlits

Garlits Game

Engined Dragster

Rear Engined

Racing Forever

Greatest Hotrods

Dragster Icons

HOT ROD Magazine - May 1971 - Don Garlits rear-engined dragster.

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Ed Big Daddy Roth

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Fink Illustrations

Rat Fink Ed Big Daddy Roth - Mr Gasser

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Original Original

1971 Big Daddy Glasspac Advertising Hot Rod Magazine July 1971 - Chevrolet Camaro (1971).

Engined Dragsters

Fuel Dragsters

Aug 1967

Drag Race

Drag Cars

Untitled Board

Laplace Dragway

Vintage Dragster S

Engine Fuel

LaPlace Drag way Aug 1967

Retro Vintage

Vintage Funny

Vintage Wheels

Fastback Funny

Nova Fastback

Wheels Chevy

Cars Chevy

Vintage Race Cars

Vintage Drag Racing


Drag Cars Drag

Cars Drag Racing

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Pro Drag

Chevy Drag

Chevy Ii


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Vintage Drag Racing

Speed Let S Drag

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Big John Mazmanian Cuda funny car

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Austin A30. Action at the Castlereagh Drag races.

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'52 Ford gasser

Mustang Afx

Drag Mustang

Mustang Sally

Ford Drag

60'S Drag

Drag Cars

Fastback Drag

Fastback Mustang

Earl'S Garage

Gas Ronda Mustang A/XS

Texas January

January 1968

427 Tunnel

Tunnel Port

Antonio Texas

San Antonio

Trucks 1955

Cars 1955

Cars Trucks

San Antonio Texas, January 1968

Sixties Drag

Mid Sixties

Mopar Drag

Mopar Cars

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Cars Drag

Racing Throwback

Uploaded 198

Mid sixties Drag Racing