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Fugitive Corvette wheelstander


Interesting Corvette Funny Car / Dragster - I wonder what class it ran ?

Fugitive - I am pretty sure this is at the old Beeline Strip. That is Red Mtn behind the vette. The tower is still standing but the track is long closed #Cars #Speed #HotRod

Vintage Drag Racing - Wheelstanders - The Fugitive

'63 Stingray, interior

Fancy - 1969 Chevrolet "Stars & Stripes" Racing Corvette

Bill Hielscher "Mr Bardahl" Corvette

Corvette Dragster Gasser, via Flickr. wow

James Garner AIR Racing Team 1968 L-88 Corvette 'Racer. What could be cooler than owning James Garner's old race car...especially an L-88 Corvette!

Corvette Racing C7.Rs at LeMans.

Corvettes on eBay: 1958 Corvette SVRA Vintage Racecar

LA Dart wheelstander

Vintage Drag Racing - Wheelstanders

Moonshot wheelstander

Chuckwagon wheelstander

The TRICK TRUCK wheelstander

The Back Up Pickup wheelstander

Vintage Drag Racing - Wheelstanders

Vintage Drag Racing - Wheelstander

Vintage Drag Racing - Wheelstander