Tower of Babel by Tomislav Jagnjić - Speedpaint 30 minutes

use gaming mice to dominate mmorpg - all gaming mice are essentially needed to keep your enemies at bay!

ArtStation - EIN- Tower 'Phlegyas', Choong Yeol Lee

Choong Yeol Lee - Phlegyas - A huge tower floating over the city. The original use was a space colony. It became the present after the collision. Copyright by Inuca Interactive Corp.

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Juhani Jokinen: Associate Lead Concept Artist at Ubisoft Redlynx - Concept Art - Juhani Jokinen is a Concept Designer and Illustrator from Finland. Juhani works in the Entertainment and games industry for over 8 years. Art has .

After seeing a certain piece of Steven Universe concept art recently, I wanted to do a piece tasked with the challenge of using variations of only two c. Deep in the Kingdom - Compliments