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  • Ivana Behrent

    George Cloony has style, intelligence, humor, looks, and is a great actor and humanitarian. Is he the perfect man???

  • Zara Alston

    George Clooney - I love him! #Celebrities #GeorgeClooney #People #Movie stars

  • Fern Chapple

    EYE CANDY ....George Clooney

  • Jessica Armstrong

    George Clooney. This man is a silver fox and I won't hide my love for him!

  • Roxsta Pam

    George Clooney the man who can rock bow ties

  • Hannah Clark

    George Clooney: Undoubtedly one of the most charming, versatile, stylish and coolest actors today. He is one of those few actors who are equally believable in serious or comedic roles and can't be pigeon-holed in terms of acting style.

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George Clooney Sexy in a suit:) When I was 17 I swore I was going to marry him, unfortunately for him Daniel found me first. We could have been good together george. Sorry xxx

not a big fan of him... but like the treatment of this cover

George Clooney. This is NOT George! I repeat: This NOT George ! Somebody is pulling a joke here. Enough said !

If every man aged this well, we would have another baby boom!!! And I would be ok with that..

George Clooney 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) George Clooney - Oh yeah baby!!

Pretty Boy, Brad Pitt's got NUTHIN' on me! I've been People's Sexiest Man Alive . . . TWICE.

George Clooney :)

George Clooney whom I respect enormously for having the courage to speak out in an industry of largely craven individuals.

George Clooney nice to look at... but sucks at relationships..has a great sense of humour...witty..and sigh..still cute..