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    Ponytail Palm from Plants of Steel. I bought one a few weeks ago and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't kill it.

    Ponytail Palm! We just bought one for the house!

    Ponytail Palm

    Best House Plants...Ponytail Palm

    ponytail palm

    Ponytail palm

    Plants I want Ponytail Palm

    Ponytail Palm

    Ponytail Palm

    Ponytail Palm from Seeds

    Ponytail Palm

    Ponytail plants rock.

    Ponytail Palm

    Ponytail Palms - from house plants to garden ornaments.

    1. Air Plant No soil required! They thrive in direct sunlight with a once a week misting. 2. Rabbit's Foot Fern A rabbit's foot fern is one of the easiest ferns to keep inside. They need indirect light and twice weekly waterings. 3. Strawberry Begonia Pretty plant -- it also sends out the most darling little baby plants! Likes medium to bright light and the top of the soil should dry out slightly between waterings, so keep an eye on it. 4. Split Leaf Philodendron This tried-and-t...

    Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) #houseplant #plants

    When properly cared for, ponytail palms make gorgeous houseplants. The base of these plants look like a small tree trunk, and the foliage grows outward in a beautiful burst that resembles—you guessed it—a ponytail.