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Copycat Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

Copy Cat Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Ingredients: 2/3 - cup whole milk 1/2 cup white chocolate baking chips 1/2 cup freshly brewed strong coffee Whipped cream cinnamon. garnish white chocolate shavings, garnish

Tropical Sunshine Smoothie

Tropical Sunshine Smoothie 2 cups frozen mango cubes 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks 1 ripe banana 1/4 cup orange juice 1 cup water 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt 1/4 teaspoon coconut extract

Mocha Punch Brewed Coffee (1/2 gallon) - 64 oz Sugar (1 cup) Milk (1/2 gallon) Chocolate ice cream (1/2 gallon) Instructions: In a container combine coffe and sugar Stir until sugar is dissolved Refrigerate until chilled Just before serving, pour into a punch bowl Add milk, mix well Add ice cream and stir well (Some recipes added 1 tsp. of vanilla)

Cherry Limeade

Sonic Cherry Limeaide recipe: 12 oz (or 1 can) Sprite, 3 lime wedges, 1/4 cup cherry juice (Libby's Juicy Juice is best). Fill a 16 oz glass with 2/3 ice. Pour Sprite over ice. Add 3 lime wedges. Add cherry juice & serve with straw.