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    • Jessie Dionne

      Foot reflexology points. #fitness #exercise #weightloss #diet #fitspiration #fitspo #health

    • Jennifer Barnett

      if this works it could help a bunch of things for ppl that I know! pressure points in the foot - I NEED SOMEONE TO RUB MY FEET!

    • Malialani McQuerry

      Foot reflexology points How about a do it yourself coupon for a foot massage along with this (for your guide) as a Valentine's day gift?

    • James Rubel

      While I was attempting to learn the "art" of court reporting, I once went to a hypnotist. Idea was to get me to relax so I could relax in the "zone" during tests. First thing the hypnotist did was put a blanket over me and rub my feet. She would work on the spot on this chart and tell me what I needed to work on. It felt amazing and I don't like me feet touched. Problem was after the session... I had to get on the crowded freeway to get home. Ruined my relaxation.

    • Cindi Bender

      Foot reflexology points - always wanted to know these pressure points fantastic

    • Noorshin Ng

      Foot reflexology points. This chart seems easier to read than others.

    • Arianna G

      Reflexology points to apply essential oils for health and wellness

    • Cara Petree

      Foot reflexology points - give a good foot massage!

    • Irit Kahane

      Foot reflexology points, This really works

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