• Deb Barnhouse

    diy crafts paper paper crafts origami...Naomi this made me think of the little branch you found at VI that looked like a little tree. I think you could make this if you can make the origami birds.

  • Lauren Kavan

    Paper Crane wall art - I've got a stack of origami paper just waiting for a project like this!

  • Heidi Davenport Proctor

    Super-colorful origami crane branch as wall decor.

  • Thea

    wall art made with a tree branch and different colored paper cranes.

  • Shari Bence

    Origami Crane Tree. || 1) Buy bright, beautiful origami papers. 2) Meditatively make cranes. 3) Find large bare tree branch in the woods. 4) Attach cranes. Number 1 already completed. Will consider lightly gliding birds and branches with Faber Castell metallic gelato . . .

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