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Scared Bros At A Haunted House

These hidden camera shots from Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, CA tell me three things. 1. Bros love going to haunted houses together. 2. Bros are easy to spook. 3. We should call them &q...
  • Jessica Brown

    This was hilarious! (pictures captured of people in haunted houses!) Apparently its pitch black until suddenly a cars lights turn on and it seems like it is going to hit you at full speed. that is when the photo is captured! love it!

  • Sandra Barnes

    Haunted house with hidden camera. I seriously can't stop laughing at all of these!! surprising how many people take a train approach to haunted houses lmao So funny!!!!!!

  • Julie Tate

    Fear Factory Haunted House in Canada with hidden camera. I seriously can't stop laughing at all of these!!

  • Leah Weyandt

    Haunted house with hidden camera...some of these pictures are too funny! Oh my gosh can't stop laughing, everyone has to look at these!!!

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If you need a good laugh, look at these pictures! A haunted house had a hidden camera in it. These are so funny!!

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Pictures from a hidden camera in a Haunted House! they all made me laugh

Meanwhile, inside the haunted house…

A whole page filled with pictures from the hidden camera at a haunted house! ok. my stomach hurts from laughing so much

  • cami hardman

    This is too awesome! I love the human face (not in a creepy way) lol

  • Bella Szabo

    That is so funny. I just can't stop laughing. What would be really funny is if at the end it showed you what was so ahaaahhah still laughing.

  • Tania Gail

    Buzzfeed just discovered this? Seriously??

  • Kali Haschel

    What was so scary?????

  • Lauren Shinkle

    They probably saw a computer with no wifi signal lol

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I Myth You ...

Lol!!! I keep coming across this and I laugh way more than I should every time

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haha...not entirely true, but pretty close :P

OHMY!!! I literally burst out laughing. Not even joking. This is scary and this is funny. Oh man... her face... >:}

god, i love them all so much

hidden camera inside a haunted house.. just the best link ever. Pin it. click it whenever you need a laugh

Love this this show! Steve Harvey is hilarious.