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Stop elder abuse

There are many forms of abuse and though individuals believe there is only young abuse, elderly abuse is a big issue as well because these individuals are more vulnerable due to their age.

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Preventing Elder Abuse: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Senior mistreatment continues to be a widespread problem, but the good news is that we can take concrete action in preventing elder abuse.

Getting old does not make you any less human, valuable or worthwhile. Discrimination and abuse against older folk must stop.

elderly abuse--so wrong to bully or abuse any person --Report it/stop it

Elder Abuse and Neglect Act | Elder abuse – anyone can make the call! | Cairns

Elder abuse is any act within a relationship of trust which results in harm to an older person. The most common forms of elder abuse include emotional abus


Video for Elder Abuse Awareness. Modified from original video "This is Social Work and Aging" by UMSL graduates Kathy Mcklin and Stephanie Paul.

Professionals address elder bullying   SO YOU THINK THAT ITS JUST KIDS IN SCHOOL...HARASSMENT IS HARASSMENT......ITS A CRIME and IT HAPPENS TO MANY PEOPLE...the defenseless

Statistics show that the bulk of bullying against the older population is coming from other senior citizens.

Help STOP Elder Abuse and Neglect.  Being Silent only makes the matters worsens.  Sometimes the elderly are too afraid to say anything.  You are their voice cause they don't have a choice.

People think that working in palliative or hospice care is hard. But as our contributor recounts, it's also the most rewarding nursing job.

What to Do If You Suspect Elder Abuse

There may come a time in every caregiver's life that you have to make a decision.