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MiO - love this stuff! It really helps you drink more water by adding zero calorie yummy flavors.

LOVE my Ninja! Daughter overheard me on the phone tell a friend "I got a ninja" she asked where he was!!! haha!

Best invention EVER, I love my Ninja~turns ice to snow. Thanks mom and dad for my Christmas gift♥

My favorite parfume!

Sandalwood Solid Perfume

Thank you April for reminding me of how much I love Simples!!

Women's Take On Elastic Lace

Product I love

matchmaster spf 15 foundation- this product is great if you have a hard time finding that perfect foundation color!

The Sak Indio Leather Large Tote $100 - This is the bag I am rocking right now

The Sak Indio Large Tote Shoulder Handbags

Search - the sak indio leather large tote black