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    Loki... Beware the fangirls. They are stronger than they look.

    Thor and Loki

    two doctors. Mal, Loki, and Sherlock in the same pic! So good.

    Loki takes over Tom Hiddleston's twitter


    See? Loki's a good guy :)

    Loki ~

    OMG! YES! I need to remember that Thor really loves Loki (and Loki really loves Thor) to keep "Darkness" great.

    Thor Loki in The Dark World. These comments :D let's stab some elves later ^^ (click through for gifs)

    Tony figures out how to stop Loki. I would watch that show.

    Well whatever you say loki.

    Bitches. Please. I'm a girl and I loved the avengers because I'm an intelligent human being and can love superhero movies and comic books just as much as anyone else.

    He looks so proud of his description in that last pic. ♥

    Loki puns, there are never enough Loki puns.


    HA HA HA.

    Even gods have to follow traffic laws.

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