Loki... Beware the fangirls. They are stronger than they look.



See? Loki's a good guy :)

Thor & Loki...I love this!

Growing up changes things… hahah made me think of @Heather Thompson

Well whatever you say loki.

Loki wants you.


Loki. Love this.

Bitches. Please. I'm a girl and I loved the avengers because I'm an intelligent human being and can love superhero movies and comic books just as much as anyone else.

Oh For sure!


Avengers...Have you seen my brother? You know, the one with...

Thor and Loki by ~CJPetee

I love how this had the potential of having a 1/2 chance of being a sexual/appearance joke but just made me laugh. It's like a good but still sassy Loki. So basically Toki or Lony or what ever the ship is happened to creat a meme!

Loki's clothes

Avengers stars and their stunt doubles. Ah yes Tom Hiddleston and his Hiddlestones but why isnt that (<) a thing


It is funny that Cumberbatch says that because quote often he makes jokes and references all the time at least towards Sherlock. Hiddleston just totally idk channels Loki? I can see how the assuming things gets irritating but I do love when I see actors do like Hiddleston does here.