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Get inspired by Rafiki, Winnie the Pooh, Cookie Monster, or Mary Poppins #life #quotes

50 life quotes from famous book and cartoon characters (infographic)

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Courage, Dreams, Walter E. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walter E. Disney > Dream Quotes, Famous Quotes with Pictures.

Dont let the fact that its done with disney characters sway you. The message here is amazing. I feel like a lot of people dont understand that feminism isnt about being more manly or looking down on being a softer or girly person. Its about having the right to be equal and being able to choose the kind of person you want to be not told that because you are female you have to be a certain way.

Disney Princess lessons about girl power! This is why I love disney, and don't agree with people who say that the princesses weak or physically discouraging.

Wall•E's fully-charged sound he made after using his solar panel is the startup sound a Mac makes when booting too

Funny pictures about Some Disney movies facts. Oh, and cool pics about Some Disney movies facts. Also, Some Disney movies facts.

"oh john smith. where are you in this world?" DEAD. THESE GUYS ARE EXTINCT. But boy, do we sure have a ton of Rolfs!

"I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you." Pocahontas John Smith… why are you so sexy?


Disney Beast Age Analysis by ~Xibira on deviantART I had this same thought when seeing it in the theaters with my friend and I asked her and she's like no! so I was right!

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my girls should remember pooh and the wishing star. Flap like a bird, Jump like a fish, sit down, stand up, wish wish wish wish

The princesses?

If Disney Princesses Went To High School surprisingly probably accurate. Haha rapunzels makes me laugh