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    Stan Lee

    I like the new ones much better Superheroes evolution / iFunny :)


    Superhero Movie Evolutions

    Marvel movies...

    Baby Groot - hahaha, rocket's face in the last one!!!!!!!! That's Adorable.

    Oh. My. God. Whether or not this is true: headcannon accepted.

    Look at these amazing actors. Look at the actors' eyes and then at the characters. (Might as well ignore the top; I don't know why they gave Tony Stark two pictures of himself but they're the same.) The actors look playful, but then when in character they are suddenly so changed.....look at Captain America - so starkly different from the fun loving Chris. LOOK AT TOM SMIRKING

    ahhh this ahhh ahh

    Loki ...

    Marvel's The Avengers ..His first name is "Agent"

    Avengers vs Star Wars...

    Pretty much! XD

    Cap and Thor vs the toaster.

    Stan Lee in Marvel films

    D: I would cry! Stan Lee is the backbone of Marvel, his cameos show us how invested he is in his love for Marvel and that he's just as much a fan of our amazing superheroes as we are.

    Here are the rumored, upcoming #Marvel movies. can't wait! I'll be able to see 4 of these for my birthday =D and I'm totally going to see the midnight premiere of Age of Ultron!

    Avengers Portraits: Thor || Thor Odinson || by Van Orton Design || 750px x 1000px || #fanart || $40, 18" x 24"