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I worked on the pre-production designs for Psyop's Grandma's Cats Are Trying To Kill Her!. An online show created by Danica Parry. It was picked up by DreamWorksTV. A very fun project, and glad my designs got used for the final animation version of some of the characters. All images © Psyop, DreamworksTV

Cosco Home and Office Products 11120RED1E Retro Counter Chair / Step Stool

Music enters our bodies, commandeering the pulse in our veins, and reminds us that pleasure isn't a matter of feeling good but of feeling more alive. — Rhonda Nichols

Barq's was first bottled and sold in 1898, in Biloxi, Ms. A lot of evenings, after school, my brother Greg would get a Barq's Root Beer and a fresh loaf of french bread, from Winn Dixie, and that was his---snack. I love Barq's. It doesn't have that foam, like other root beers have. You can have your IBC and A&W.

The Head Massager by Kikkerland is absolutely incredible. It looks a little strange, but you have to try it to believe how relaxing it feels. "Also known as the 'Orgasmatron', the Kikkerland Design Head Massager was this year's favorite under $10 fun gift to give your mom, grandma, co-workers, and anyone in need of a sweet pick-me-up gift."