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Betta Fish Aquarium Care

This is a really hlepful article about setting up a small fish tank. The person actually knows both about caring for fish, and setting up an attractive looking aquarium. Spent 20 minutes looking through my internet history to find again. Pinning, so I don't lose it!

Ah yes, the majestic... goldfish. Photographer Visarute Angkatavanich takes us up close and personal with these unusual domestic fish, from Siamese fighting fish (betta) to various breeds of goldfish, the Bangkok-based photographer casts these unusual pets in a spectacular light.

How To Care For Pearlscale Goldfish Correctly…The pearlscale or chinshurin in Japanese, is one of the numerous varieties of goldfish and is also one of the most commonly-bought pets. Pearlscales come in every colour variety. Pearlscales are egg shaped with internal organs crowding the creature’s compact body, therefore overfeeding should be avoided...(continue reading please click an above link)

Aquarium Review. In this video and blog we talk about an aquarium we think is perfect for your betta fish! 5 gallons, lots of space to swim and agreat modern sleek style. The Fluval Spec V.