Kids' Christmas list in an ornament with the year.

Great idea! I wish my parents did this. After time passes you *know* ornaments are special, but for some it's hard to remember why -- or when you got them. - love this idea!

How Adorable is this Salt Dough Handprint Ornament! So easy to make too.. 1/2 Cup Salt, 1/2 Cup Flour, 1/4 Cup Water (give or take) Knead until dough forms. Make impression and cut out hand shape with a knife leaving a border. Poke a hole in top for hanging. Bake at 100C/200F for 3 hours. Paint, Seal and ready to hang :)

So pretty

Cute way to gift money. LOVE THIS..I will be doing this for my cousins this year :)

first year of turning a slice of our tree stump into an ornament :)

Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament

Christmas card books. A great way to keep your Christmas cards year after year.

Dandelion on fire. Bucket list for this summer... It burns all different colors! :) holy freaking cow so neatttt

I love this idea of having a list of what your kids wanted for Christmas and putting it on the tree every year

The Christmas To-Do List

May have each one of my brothers decorate their own and hang it on the tree this year. Cool idea.

Christmas is going to throw up in my house next year! So many awesome ideas!

Oh my heck I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this!!!

First Year Quilts |

Clothes pin doll ornaments....might be a fun idea for a tree and make these with the grandchildren every year and add them on to the tree.... be sure to sign and date.....

I did these last year with my class but didn't know there was a poem!!! The Poem: These aren't just five snowmen As anyone can see. I made them with my hand Which is a part of me. Now each year when you trim the tree You'll look back and recall When my hand was just this small! ornament gift for holidays?

"Names of Christ as ornaments. Love love love love love this idea!!!!" Maybe make one each year and focus on that title as a family for the following year.

Grinch Christmas ornament with glitter and yarn. Making an ornament for mom each year can become a wonderful tradition. Don't forget to put the year you made the ornament on the bottom.

My kiddos and I have started a new tradition with making these each year for Christmas. The family and I...and even some of their friends that come over...paint them when they are done baking.