Breaking bad, 90210, sons of anarchy, greys anatomy, private practice, gossip girl, lost, prison break, parks and recreation, true blood, the wire, united states of Tara....  It's TRUE

This was the summer of Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and the end of Breaking Bad. Now, kid 1 and hubby are on Prison Break.

The Most Interesting Man In The World

Funny pictures about Dream memories. Oh, and cool pics about Dream memories. Also, Dream memories.

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Showing YouTube videos to my friends…

Or traumatize my dog by trapping him in the corner and putting the auction tube up to his fur..

I don't always do the vacuuming but when I do I spend of the time trying to suck up something I could pick up with my hands instantly The Most Interesting Man In The World

14 Thanksgiving Memes To Help You Survive The Holiday With Your Family

14 Thanksgiving Memes To Make You Laugh

I don't always stay up super late but when I do, it's for no fucking reason The Most Interesting Man In The World

Slow Links

The Most Interesting Man in the World Meme - I don't always come to a complete stop at a stop sign, but when I do, it's because the person behind me is driving like a douchebag.

me in every class with a foreign teacher when they butcher english pronunciation...

We called them "church giggles." Oh my goodness has that happened to me! recently, too, and at a church meeting while the pastor was praying!


How Netflix works…

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 64 pics. Netflix Basically Has Every Movie Except The Ones I Want To Watch