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NO THEY DON'T GET IT AND THEY WON'T GET IT UNTIL IT HITS "THEIR POCKETS!!!" Only then will you hear the Loud Hypothetical Voices of The Hateful Trump Voters!!!

Time will reveal All. When the Shit does hit the fan (it will) somehow it will be Obama's fault!!

Baggers Bogarting their Blunts!!! Ku Kluxing the Kannabis !!!

Swore I wouldn't get into politics on any of my boards, but OMG...look up "Republican" and this is the definition! Go ahead, argue with me. Start with the fact that the Republicans have not introduced even ONE job creation piece of legislation!

Have you ever read the republican boards? They really don't grasp what has happened to them. They are being guided by men and women who are out to destroy the middle class. And these republican fools vote for them. We will all end up at their mercy in the end. Why do republican's want the middle class burdened with all the taxes and not the rich? They vote republican because their parents did. This is not the same republican party. What fools they are.

President Barack Obama's State of the Union 2014. SOTU When Women Succeed, America Succeeds. Unfortunately we cannot expect the Republicans in Congress to help Team America. John Boehner

i'm just saying there's more training required to have a driver's license, more regulation of sudafed and a one guy with a failed attempt at blowing up a plane with his shoe, requires us all to take off our own shoes at the airport. something is amiss...