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Gabi, Peyton, Maddie, Chimmi and Angelina (Cali Smoed flyers 2014) worlds 2014 congrats on 3 peet

im guna stretch a lot this year so by fall next year ill be able to do this!i realy love the show cheerleaders and love gabby

Lmaooo Holden's face in the background

Smoed- when she left I the team I didn't cry pfft no.....

Cheer Gabi Butler Smoed competitive cheerleader cheerleading #KyFun

CA Cali Smoed Allstars from Ventura California - Madi Corsello & Xavier Mainville (Can't see the other base sorry)

Hey cheerleaders :) just remember this is a cheer pin ONLY board :) I love ur enthusiasm! Remember u can add whoever and every cheerleader u want!! Thank you xx

smoed. Kiara Nowlin ❤❤❤💜💙💚💙