Made by King Sailfish Mounts of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this tarpon casting is a replica of the world-record catch brought in by James (Jim) Holland Jr. on May 11, 2000. The fish weighed 202 lbs, 8 oz., and was the first 200-pound tarpon officially recorded as being caught on a fly. During the more than two-hour battle, the tarpon pulled the boat Jim, his father, and guide Steve Kilpatrick were in nearly four miles; it took two people to hoist it onboard.


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Did Three Anglers Release the Largest Tarpon Ever Caught on Rod-and-Reel? This is the current International Game Fish Association all-tackle world-record tarpon, taken off West Africa in 2003.The guide, at left, by the way, was Patrick Sebile.The fish measured about a foot less than the giant tarpon released off Nicaragua.

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Bass Boat, 1956 - Boat belonging to Sports Afield angling editor Jason Lucas. It is “a fishing rig that shows the experience of a lifetime.”

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Gurgler fly Invented by the late Jack Gartside, this surface fly can be used to catch just about every variety of saltwater fish there is—and likely any freshwater fish as well. This example was tied by Gartside himself, and is one of more than one hundred flies Gartside bequeathed to the Museum.

So I try to avoid advertisements, but this one features my good friend Adam Franceschini who has guided for Tikchik every summer for nearly a decade. You can also fish with him in the Fall, Winter, and Spring on the Housatonic River in Connecticut.

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