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Dan Blanton’s Whistler fly, dubbed for the sound generated by the open hole in the pinhole eyes as it sailed through the air, is typical of the more densely tied West Coast saltwater patterns. Blanton engineered the fly to emulate a bucktail jig used for striped bass in San Francisco Bay, tying the fly "in the round" (i.e. without contrasting topping) to ensure a proper profile no matter the viewing angle.

Getting ready for spring transition time in the Florida West Coast! Tying up some Schminnow's and Glass Minnow's for Trout, Redfish and Snook

Just found this Fly Fishing Bonefish - Meko Special -- Orvis on! This is supposedly one of the best Bonefish flies for the Bahamas. I bet it would work well in Biscayne Bay also. | Flashtail Whistler Pike and Peacock Bass Fly Tying Instructions Directions and How To Tie Tutorial

During the summer when damsel flies are darting across still water ponds and lakes, they can be a clue to some of the best fishing around. If you see them, never hesitate to use a damsel fly pattern.

This effective streamer pattern is also a versatile pattern for a number of other species including trout, bass, steelhead, salmon, pike and more. Play around with colors and have an easy to cast f...

Jay Nicholas ties a classic West Coast salmon pattern, the Ramone Salmon Killer. You can vary how much material you use with your flies — fuller in high muddy water, sparser in low clear conditions. Jay’s variation uses flat braid for half of the body, and the traditional version uses a full chenille body.

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Fly fish.

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1968 Fishing Print - Wet Flies Plates 7 and 8 - Vintage Home Decor Art Illustration for Framing

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