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Tenkara, which means "From Heaven or From the Skies," is an ancient form of fishing in Japan dating back to the 8th or 9th century B.C. This 5-piece raw bamboo Tenkara rod, made in Japan by an unknown rod maker, is 15 feet long—fairly typical for this rod type. The unique carved handle, part of which is seen here, also served as a case for the unassembled rod.

Tenkara Level Line to Lilian

Fly rod, by Oyster Bamboo

My new favorite Tenkara Line: DePuy Spring Creek Tenkara Line by Moonlit Fly Fishing.

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Tenkara: Fly Fishing From Heaven

Tenkara Fishing Rods

Gibbs Striper. Accession No. 2010.035.010. Harold Gibbs Striper Bucktail: Originated in the 1940s, it was one of the first attempts at suggesting a specific forage fish, the silversides. Lacking non-tarnishing flash material, Gibbs, a keen observer of marine life, keyed on the bluish-whites tones cast by silversides in shallow water, and attempts replication with a combination of white (first capra hair, then buck tail wing) and blue (first a swan feather, later blue buck tail).

Tenkara Fishing Rods

Tenkara Fly Fishing: Beautiful Tenkara Rod Cases

I know it's not a Tenkara rod, but this vintage photo is awesome! What man would not want a lady like this to go fishing with?

Tenkara Rod Cases - Bamboo

Tenkara fishing rod from Tenkara New England. Best way to fish in these rivers...

Fishing Rod Tip Speeds

Pentalux Rods Fly Rods - West Slope Classic Fly Tackle

Is this the future of fishing rods - The D-Flex rod

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Fly Rod Case Alder 30 4 section rod case. by Reelrodcases, $125.00

Wetfly - Tenkara Fly Fishing Package 13' (Rod, Rod Tube, 2 leaders, flies, bamboo fly box) for sale on The Clymb

Bamboo Fly Rod-

Build and customize your very own fishing rod! Great workshop for all!